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Shiatsu has been developed in China and Japan. By engaging in shiatsu, problems related to stress such as muscle- and joint ache, digestive problems, neck- and shoulder aches, discomfort during menstruation, insomnia, fatigue, overweight and sports injuri

Better awareness of the body can be developed through shiatsu. You will learn to recognize signals given by the body. As a result you will learn to know the cause of your complaint and of your feelings of discomfort and how you are able to avoid this.

Shiatsu can trigger self examination which is brought forth by changes within your life and wanting to explore and change your path of life. The therapist can coach you in finding the answers to questions and problems which you encounter in your life. The

Apart from shiatsu therapy you can also take part in do-in classes. During these classes exercises are given which serve to make your body and mind more flexible. You will experience how your body feels and reacts to certain movements and exercises. You w