Literally shiatsu means ‘pressure with the fingers’.

The origin of shiatsu is as old as the impulse of human beings spontaneously applying pressure with their hands to a part of their body which is in pain. Throughout the years this impulse has been developed into a full therapy in China and Japan. This therapy is based on knowledge of energy networks within the human body.

A healthy body means that the energy networks within the body are well balanced and work well together. When the energy network is disrupted, physical and emotional problems could occur. In this case a shiatsu therapist will locate the disruption in the energy network and apply shiatsu techniques in order to restore the balance within the system. After shiatsu therapy, energy is able to flow throughout the body which will promote the body’s own healing capacity. This will ultimately result in reduction or disappearance of the complaint.

Each energy network within the body has its own physical and emotional component. This means that a physical complaint can be caused by an emotional problem and vice versa. Treating a misbalance within your energy system could not only relief or heal specific complaints but it can also see to deep relaxation and a broader level of consciousness.